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You can help the effort to reopen the area by giving your tax deductible donation to “Reopen Mitchell Caverns” through the non-profit Poppy Reserve/Mojave Desert Interpretive Association (PRMDIA) P.O. Box 1408, Lancaster, CA 93584.  Please mention “Mitchell Caverns” when donating.


December 31, 2014 -

 Progress is continuing at Mitchell Caverns, and we wanted to share some photos of items that have been purchased through the CRMC matching funds program, so that all is ready when the park opening is announced. We thank you for your continuing interest and support.                       Happy New Year


-------   The Committee to Reopen Mitchell Caverns

Items included are mountain lion and ground sloth skull replicas, GPS unit, HDTV, binoculars, a trail camera & display cases.


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September 19, 2014Although the park has not reopened, substantial infrastructure repairs have been completed.  The park buildings have undergone extensive renovation including new roofs, windows, paint and drywall. Electrical systems in the visitor center and caverns have been upgraded.  Trails have been improved. Still in process is the drilling of a new well.
   Grant monies and donations enabled the CRMC to donate a total of $10,000.00 to the Department of Parks and Recreation. That money was  matched for a total of $20,000 to be spent on visitor services beyond  monies allocated for infrastructure repairs.  Close to $10,000 of this amount has been spent to enhance visitor services to the park when it is reopened. That expenditure was completed in consultation with the Committee to Reopen Mitchell Caverns.  Purchases focused on interpretive materials to use both inside and outside the visitor's center.  New interpretive materials include presentation equipment, interpretive panels, display cases and display materials.
   We are very excited about the improvements and additions to this unique Mojave treasure and look forward to announcing a reopening date as soon as improvements to the water system are complete.  We are so  grateful that many of you continue to give us support both financially and with your kind words of encouragement!  All donations have been used and will continue to be used only at Mitchell Caverns!  If you would like to be placed on the notification list please send an email to:   ReopenThe
Thank you,

         The Committee to Reopen Mitchell Caverns

March 31, 2014 -  Though work is progressing, it looks like the park will not reopen this spring - we are disappointed, however we are reassured by the fact that  State Park personnel are continuing to work diligently on infrastructure projects throughout the park.  This is frustrating  but the good news is that eventually it will reopen and that in the meantime the park is being protected and its important resources preserved.

 If you have not yet done so, please send an email to the address above and ask that your name be added to the list to be notified as soon as we hear something from from  California State Parks.  Thank you for your continuing interest and support.

    --------   The Committee to Reopen Mitchell Caverns, working under the umbrella of the Poppy Reserve/ Mojave Desert Interpretive Association  (


October 17, 2013 - Progress is being made on work at Mitchell Caverns.  Here is a photo from the “new” visitor’s center with the upgraded interior.  Also, one major project remaining is the water system.

   The California State Parks Foundation announced on July 11, 2013 that they will award $5,000 to the Committee  to Reopen Mitchell Caverns. This contribution, along with all money  donated to the CRMC, is eligible for matching funds from the California  Department of Parks and Recreation. When the funding cycle is completed  and matching funds awarded, this means that the Committee to Reopen Mitchell Caverns, operating under the umbrella of PR/MDIA, will have raised more than $10.000 ($20,000 with matching funds) to help reopen Mitchell Caverns,  part of Providence Mountains State Recreation Area. The CRMC is very grateful for the support of the California State Parks Foundation and to  everyone who has contributed to our efforts. If you would like to add to our efforts, it is not too late to donate!

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